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Our goal: systematic increase of your profit due to building effective internet marketing.

Before you start

Before reading this page, please pay attention to the following very important postulates of our company:


We do not pursue a momentary profit. We are focused only on long-term cooperation.

Any advice for customers is always free!


We provide the lowest prices in the market for the volume and quality of the services we offer.


Honesty, openness and customer-orientation are the three main principles of our company. No hidden charges. Never.

You have full access to the statistics of spending the advertising budget. We draw up detailed reports on the first demand, and also regularly inform you about the current trends in Internet marketing.

Base promotion package

We have prepared a list of works, which is absolutely necessary for every site. This is the foundation of your progress. Remember, without the proper execution of all the items listed in the table below, it is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed in the promotion.

The cost of worksFrom 1.000 to 4.000$. The cost directly depends on the volume of the site and its current state.


Check the code, content and usability of the site for compliance with the basic rules and recommendations of search engines. The full audit of the site includes a comprehensive analysis of all important optimization factors: technical parameters check in, the quality of the current content and reference mass, site positions, user behavior on the site, etc. are will be checked.

As a result of the initial audit, we will prepare a list of recommendations for improving the quality of the web resource and determines the optimal strategy for this segment of online business optimization and promotion of the site in search engines.


Semantic kernel development

At this stage, we will develop semantic kernel (a list of relevant search queries), which will be used to optimize the content of the site.


Analysis of the convenience of browsing the site on mobile devices


Optimization of the target site pages

Optimization of the pages of the site includes filling the placement of ready-made texts, the correct filling of meta tags (headers, descriptions and keywords of the pages placed in the site code), header placement (h1-h6 tags), internal links check in.


Adding a site to Google Webmaster Tools

The necessary action in order to obtain accurate information about the site directly from the search engines.


Regional site binding

The influence of the site's regionality on promotion is still priceless, so it's worth telling the search engines about your regional preferences using Google My Business.


Creating and placing a robots.txt file

A system file that controls the indexing of your site. Superfluous - to forbid, necessary - to emphasize.


Creating and placing sitemap.xml file

The site map for the robots must necessarily be up-to-date (and therefore automatically updated), and also contain the necessary parameters priority, last-modifieded and changefreq.


Adding rel = canonical for duplicate pages

If there are pagination pages on the site, filters that duplicate each other's content, it is necessary to provide the placement of the rel = canonical attribute indicating the preferred version of the URL for the page.


Mirroring of mirrors

Checking whether the aliases are and mirrors using Google Webmaster. If there is a gluing of mirrors carried out, place the 301th redirect from the mirror to the main domain.


Setting up statistics counters

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO, you need to get quality statistics.


Analysis of the correctness of the layout

A large layer of works, which includes both checking for the adequacy of css and html, as well as the presence of micro-markings and the correct placement of h1-h6 format headers.


Rating of page 404

Check the availability of 404 pages, the correctness of the server response code for non-existent pages and its content. At a minimum, on page 404 there should be a competent message on the topic "the page does not exist" and contact information of the organization.


Checking the speed of the site load

Checking the site speed through PageSpeed Tools from Google. Correction of all specified errors by results of the report. 


Setting goals in the system of statistics / analytics

The basis of SEO is a constant analysis of the effectiveness of the activities carried out. In order to assess the quality of traffic from search engines and, if necessary, to adjust the strategy, you need to set up a clear system for evaluating the sources of orders / applications and understand where the customers come from. Proper configuration of goals allows you to separate transactional keywords from non-respondents and, accordingly, promptly adjust the list of priority requests of the semantic kernel.

These jobs are performed one-time. We strongly recommend you audit your site and perform all tasks from the "Start Promotion Package".

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FREE consultation request We will tell everything in detail and accessible. Evaluate the quality of our consultations!

Additional website promotion package

This list of works must be produced on a regular basis to obtain the desired results and regularly increase positions in the search networks.

The cost of works: ~ 1.000$ / month. The cost directly depends on the number of phrases being promoted.


Monitoring of statistics

Minimum set - view the quantitative and qualitative indicators of traffic (total number of visitors, sources, search phrases, depth of page views). The best option is to control the conversion rate on the site, distributed by the source of the transitions, and the overall evaluation of the effectiveness of queries from the semantic kernel.

An equally important metric is a report on site positions. Here you need not only to assess the dynamics in general, but also carefully monitor the fall in positions, which can be an early symptom of global or local problems of a web resource.


Analysis of errors in webmasters' panel

Checking for errors in the Google Webmaster bar will allow you to pay attention in time to technical "jambs" of the site, server problems, difficulties with indexing pages, the presence of duplicates in the issuance or meta tags of the site pages.

Also worth noting separately check the "measures taken manually" in Google WebmasterTools: if the "manual" Penguin (algorithm Penguine, aimed at fighting with purchased links) will touch your site, the search engine kindly informs you about it. And an operational response, in this case, will minimize the damage.

3 Checking the relevance of robots.txt, sitemap.xml, regional site binding
4 Content Update

Analysis of site usability

Analysis of the behavior of users on the site for form analysis, a click-through-link map and a web browser. Making edits to the site based on the analysis.


Checking the link mass of the site

It is necessary to evaluate the reference mass not only from the point of view of the total number and dynamics of growth, but also from the general "diversity" (the naturalness of links is ensured by the different donor - sites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc.). Carrying out work on the reference mass collection.


Monitoring of brand references


Overview of social activity of users

We are working on the optimization of the reference mass from social networks.


Audit of broken links and redirects

If your site is in a constant process of refinement and / or development, its structure may change. The process of change leads to the appearance of broken links or broken redirects leading to nowhere. Regular check of presence of broken links will allow you to catch and eliminate technical errors in time.


Find out the exact cost of works to promote your site!

The prices for promotion of sites in New York and other cities can vary significantly depending on the saturation and competitiveness of the market..

What will you get by starting work with our company? The most important thing is to increase visitors to the site + return from the site, as a tool to increase your company's income. The site really will work for you by converting site visitors to your customers. Sources of conversion and keywords can be tracked through a special system of statistics.

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We were entrusted with the promotion of sites:

  Акиматы  Атырауской области и города
Национальный институт интеллектуальной собственности
Служба центральных коммуникаций при Президенте РК
Федерация бокса Атырау
 Акжелькен Astana Vision  


A few examples of our work on enhancing the attendance of different websites:

Пример продвижения портала графики

Graphic portal promotion Region - Russia

Пример продвижения юридического сайта

Promotion of the legal firm`s site Region – St. Petersburg

 Пример продвижения портала

Promotion of the legal firm`s site Region – St. Petersburg

 Пример продвижения новостного сайта
The example of the news site promotion by placing interesting, hot news. 
 Пример продвижения интернет магазина

Online shop promotion Region - Russia

 Пример продвижения сайта языковых курсов 

Language courses website promotion Region - Kazakhstan

An interesting fact: the prices for our services have never changed in the smaller direction.

Do not put on tomorrow, write to us right now!

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How much does it cost to promote a site in New York?

The cost of promotion of a web site in our company directly depends on your budget, planned for the implementation of the tasks. We have the experience of conducting large-scale advertising campaigns, both for small private companies, and for large national companies and government agencies. Promotion of the website consists of the set deadlines and targets for the success of the campaign. Explaining in plain language - you need to clearly understand, the audience of what scope and in what timeframe you need, and also in what advertising tools for this you are ready to invest.

The main and most popular components of website promotion in New York and other cities are:

1 Promotion in the search engines for search words SEO;
2 Contextually Targeted Advertising in Google, BING and Yahoo: Is an excellent way to check the effectiveness and the quality of your advertisement in the Internet, as well as to sell out the stock-in-trade. The first customers will visit your site in 30 minutes after the campaign launches!
3 Base promotion package;
4 Promotion in social networks (SMM) - promotion of Instagram account, promotion in Facebook;
7 Attracting clients by the banner ad.
8 Modification of the web site, increasing the response rate from visitors (CTR), installation of lodo-generating modules;
9 Content promotion of the website.

For each project, together with the Customer, we paint the media plan and select the most effective channels for attracting the target audience for a given budget. We can safely assure you that our prices are among the best in terms of price-quality ratio.

The optimal time to promote a website in New York takes from 7 to 12 months. Promotion Instagram account - from 1 month. We work under the contract with full guarantee of the result. We bring to your site only targeted visitors and only real subscribers to social networks! This is a very important point, which should be paid special attention when choosing a company to promote the website!

How to place an order for website promotion?

We really appreciate your time and strive to provide you with all our services as comfortable as possible. For this we conduct free consultations by phone, email and skype, and we also travel to your office in Astana and Atyrau for a detailed discussion of the project. We work with individuals and legal entities.

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