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IТ аутсорсинг (Обслуживание компьютеров, сетей, консультирование)

Our company has developed several unique offers for all groups of customers, which we arbitrarily divided in:

1. Who used to call the master of every little detail - be it a network problem, or the printer will not print. Ideal for companies with computers from 1 to 10.

Rate "On the little things - Disturb”

Computer maintenance on a "buffet style". You pay for the rental of a specialist, not the amount of work done. Excellent savings and quality guarantee!

IT outsourcing in Atyrau

2. Who used to ask for help rarely, but right on target, relies on long-term cooperation and wants to be calm and confident that the at any moment he can get consult in the IT field!

Rate "Time is Money"

Computer maintenance on a "buffet style".

Out benefits:

  • You pay for a top-level master, who will solve all the painful problems with your computer at a fixed price at the time;
  • We did not blow up "mountains out of molehills", and do only the work that is really needed;
  • In 1 day, our master able to fix a few computers, to network and configure the Internet ... For this work, any other company would have asked you a lot of money ... But we are not;
  • We work under a contract with the responsibility;
  • Low cost service.

The benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • Calling the master, you are not afraid that you have counted a lot of work, for which you must pay then;
  • You are calm, and you know that at any moment you can write request and call our master;
  • The subscription fee is not ends month later.

3. In addition, we suggest, becoming already conventional, a scheme of cooperation. Ideal for companies with more than 10 computers and permanent need for good IT specialists.

The standard scheme of service. Subscription fee.

Monthly complex maintenance of your IT infrastructure includes:

  1. Computer service, laptops, LAN, internet, telephony. Providing computer security and e-mail service. Monitoring and detection potentially dangerous;
  2. Servers maintenance and support.

Using the service, you have completely eliminated the need to keep a highly paid IT professional or a team of IT professionals.

What that serviec include:
  • Complex maintenance your computers, laptops and peripherals (printers, copiers, fax machines, multifunction devices, etc.);
  • Free consultation by phone, email and skype about any questions related to the IT infrastructure of your company;
  • Servers maintenance;
  • Setup and administration of LAN;
  • Administration PBX;
  • Administration e-mail and Web site (if available).


  • Savings. Proved that ordering IT outsourcing is cutting costs your company more than 4 times;
  • No need to keep the employee and make payment to the pension fund, social security contributions;
  • No need to include a separate workstation;
  • You work with a team, and not one person.

Subscription fee (price):

Service pack
Base Advanced VIP
Remote Support
Phone and email consultations. Diagnostics and troubleshooting.
+ + +
Guaranteed arrival time engineer
Guaranteed arrival engineer prescribed in the contract.
- + +
Engineer departures scheduled maintenance work, diagnose and resolve problems.
Audit and the elimination of "bottlenecks”
Thanks to the proactive action the number of crashes and accidents will be reduced by several times.
- + +
Guaranteed fix problems
Guaranteed troubleshooting prescribed in the contract.
- - +
Monitoring of IT systems
Permanent monitoring of IT systems can prevent most accidents and fix crashes in minimum time.
- - +
Quality control / personal manager
Monthly meetings on issues of strategic development of IT.
- - +
Monthly cost for one computer (KZT)
3000 5000 7000

Refilling cartridges and purchase of consumables - for extra cost.

Moreover, our company is a dealer of various companies and has the ability to deliver a variety of hardware and software at a very low price! And also, all of our customers, we offer great discounts on other services of our company, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 months for free!